On 11th September 2020, at an occasion that took place at Hotel Africana, Kampala, in the presence of several stakeholders from National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U), International Trade Center Netherlands Trust Fund IV (ITC/NTFIV) and several stakeholders, Japotech Solutions was officially awarded the International Standards Organization-9001 (ISO9001) Certificate. This means Japotech Solutions has successfully developed and implemented a Quality Management System that meets international standard. ISO9001 system focuses on customers, management strategy, stakeholder relationships and internal processes.

Japotech has developed policies, procedures, manual and a document management system to drive the quality of its delivery of various services such as Telecom Site Installation, Telecom Drive Test Optimization, Web and Mobile Application Development and Apprenticeship Training.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Japotech Solutions Managing Director, Eng. Paul Onek thanked International Trade Center and Netherland Trust Fund IV (ITC/NTFIV project for supporting Japotech in the certification process. He also thanked Nemko AS and UMDA Uganda for a good job done in training Japotech team and guiding them to develop the system. He said that ever since the company started using the ISO9001 system, its performance in customer acquisition, revenue and profit increased.

Several speakers noted that ISO9001 is very important for any company that wants to improve its business. The system was referred to as a passport to global business by Mr. BB Sinha, the Managing Director of UMDA Uganda. Mr. Timothy Mwandha, the CEO of 3D Services stated that ISO9001 means “document what you do, and only do what you have documented”.