In 2016, the Internet Penetration in Uganda was 46% (UCC report), and Internet Penetration in Africa was 28% (ISOC report). 40% of Internet costs are to cover services such as installation, operation and maintenance. Uganda, just like many other African countries, is blessed with a youthful population with good college degrees but lack jobs. We considered this problem worth addressing. Japotech was formed in December 2016 to address the high cost of Internet Connectivity, by providing cost effective and high-quality installation services. Reducing the cost would then increase Internet Penetration in Uganda and Africa at large.

Our Vision

To become the fastest growing ICT company in East Africa.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with high quality and cost-effective ICT solutions by using local talent, world-class processes and leveraging strategic partnerships. To provide high quality and cost-effective ICT services to our customers.

Core Values


Building strong relationships with all potential and existing stakeholders


We deliver on our promises and do not tolerate fraud.


Carry out our tasks with utmost enthusiasm.


Strive to be and achieve the best performance.


Always recognize and celebrate good contributions and results from all stakeholders.

Japotech Solutions is one of the fastest growing ICT companies offering high quality and cost effective telecom, IT and training services. Formed in 2016 by a team of seasoned ICT experts, Japotech has become one of the most celebrated Ugandan ICT companies and is now ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified. Several customers ranging from telcos, SMEs, NGOs and households have satisfactorily enjoyed the services offered by Japotech Solutions.

Japotech has installed, commissioned and optimized more than 100 telco sites, installed internet services for more than 200 customers, built websites for a couple organizations, trained several clients; still counting. Japotech has been able to export services in Morocco, Italy, Spain, Niger and is very focused on building its international portfolio. All the achievements Japotech has registered in the very short time have been due to the dedication of our staff who live the company values of relationships, Integrity, passion, excellence and recognition. Japotech has also immensely benefited from several partners such as International Trade Center (ITC)’s Netherlands Trust Fund IV (NTFIV) project, Alliance for Trade in Information Technology and Services (ATIS), Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB), Liquid Telecom and others.

We are proud of our suppliers who deliver excellent products and services to ensure Japotech keeps shinning. This website has got details of the services offered by Japotech, projects accomplished and contact details for any stakeholders who would like to partner with this great company Japotech. We look forward to hearing from you soon.