The year 2019 was quite a difficult year. It is said that every cloud has a silver lining. Amidst all the challenges of 2019, Japotech, with support from our partner International Trade Center, embarked on a process of ISO9001 certification. The main drive towards this program was to build capacity to export.

The process that started in May 2019, with training followed by system development was later characterized by many sessions between the Norwegian ISO certification agency NEMKO alongside their local partner UMDA Uganda. Japotech management and staff dedicated several hours to develop processes, policies and records that meet international standard and are to be used in the day to day management of the company.

Later, internal audit and management audits were done. Issues identified were fixed before the final certification audit that was conducted by NEMKO. Japotech was found to meet all the requirements and thus was awarded ISO9001:2015 certificate number 801189.