In January 2020, Japotech Solutions competed with 673 companies in the Africa50 Innovation Challenge for last mile connectivity. On 6th June 2020, Japotech was announced among the top 60 best companies in Africa for providing last mile connectivity, chosen by a competent panel of judges of Africa50 Innovation Challenge including GSM Association, African Development Bank and others.

JARIC solution has been piloted in Kisenyi refugee settlement in Uganda and has been found to be a simple, cost effective and sustainable Internet connectivity solution. Japotech has proposed that this solution be implemented in 10,000 villages in Rwanda, using a Public-Private-People Partnership (4-P) model which benefits all the parties.

Broadband Internet Connectivity has been categorized as a public good by the United Nations. However, in Africa, over 75% of the people are still unconnected to broadband. As a response to Africa50 Innovation Challenge offered by Africa50, a consortium of partners from over 28 African countries, Japotech proposed a solution called Japotech Africa Rural Internet Connectivity (JARIC) which is based on Wi-Fi technology to provide Internet access in rural Africa.